Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well I have bitten the bullet

So to speak!! Ihave decided to write a blog! Not sure how it will go but once I learn what the hell Im meant to do, it shoud be fun...right??

So where do I start, we currently have boxes everywhere...we are moving back to Vic!! Im super excited and cant wait to get back to family and friends in Horsham. The boys are all happy to be going too, D especially he has wanted to live close to his nan for ever.

So I best get off here and keep packing


  1. Hi Fern, Congratulations, look forward to reading your blog :)

  2. Well hello Fern! Welcome to blog land! xox

  3. hahaha thanks guys :)

    I really have no idea what Im doing so any tips would be fab

  4. You've only been there a few months haven't you?
    What made you change your mind?
    I hope it's an easy transition back for you all!