Friday, June 10, 2011

Survival Camp

So as we waved goodbye to D, he was off on an adventure that will surely make him realise how lucky he has it...He was off for 3 days where he had to camp out in the mountains (where at night it got below -5 degrees), they weren't allowed to pack clothes, they had to layer up so whatever they had on was it..He had to cook all his own food, there was no running water (which means no showers), and wait for it the best bit by far a long drop TOILET!! I had to giggle when he told me this the look on his face was priceless...
They went on 12kms hikes everyday, and sat around talking and playing games. And really got to know each other in a different way.
So we picked my little (well not so little) adventurer up yesterday at lunch time, and as he stood there, looking extremely tired and very dirty, a big grin came across both our faces when we saw each other. His first words when he got in the car " never again will I go camping" that's my boy haha...our type of camping is in a cabin with electricity, running water and heating/cooling.
So as much as it was nice not to have the little boys stirred up for 3 days, we all really missed our D-man, and he is now sitting in the comfort of his room playing his PS3 with his ipod playing..

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