Wednesday, November 3, 2010

52 days

till Christmas!!! but who's counting  ME!!

I went shopping today to try and get some ideas for Santa presents, but I cant think of anything for the 3 younger boys?? What do you  get a boy who has everything?? and if he doesn't have it then his older brother does!

So I'm starting to panic...I ask the boys what they want and they tell me things their brothers already have so there is no point in doubling up on things, Jake tells me he wants a new purple dummy!! hmmmm ok your done hahaha

This would have to be the downside to having  a family all the same sex...if there was a girl thrown in the mix she would have been covered... dolls...dolls and more dolls!!!

So I have 52 days to come up with an idea!!

Merry Christmas all

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