Friday, November 5, 2010

I didnt do it!!

Trying to get a boy of any age to admit to doing something naughty...whether it be hitting a brother, taking a toy, or eating their mothers chocolate...The answer I get every single time is "I didn't do it"

And now Jake who is 2 has learnt that "I didn't do it" is the answer to everything no matter what the question!

So as I sit here and ponder the goings on in a child mind and what makes them do the silly things they do, I can hear Noah telling his nan...that he didn't take her glasses hahaha

A classic example of the "I didn't do it" syndrome would have to be Bailey telling me he didn't spill the blue food colouring all over the doesn't matter that his hands, face and body were covered in it..."he didn't do it"..

Never a dull moment   

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