Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kid free day

How I miss them...but today was one of those rare occasions where I got to sit down and eat my lunch without having someone crawl all over me...wanting to eat my food...or poking me in the face or pointing out how fat my belly is getting!!

So today was to put in one word Bliss!!!

On the down side to today my dear friend Karen told me she has applied for a visa to live in  London..
Makes me really sad, we have just reconnected after a few moves we lost contact,  and now I'm losing her again, well in a few months anyway.

She was there for the birth of Will and we worked together (well should say played together at work) for a few years also..

So now I'm back in reality the kids are screaming and is nagging me to have a hit of tennis...
It was nice and blissful for the 4 hours!

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