Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some people

Well I get this all the time and I'm getting a little tired of it! I was shopping last night with 4 of the boys and a lady and man behind me in the check out started a conversation up with me, with the usual line "gosh you must be busy"
So it went on and on till the last question was "so are they all from the same father" WTF!!!! "Yes they are actually"
The man didn't believe me as his response was " Oh really??? Ok then" Oh god I'm so over this question yes they all have the same father, yes they all look totally different but there is nothing I can do about that!

I just wish I had the balls to say to people to mind their own bloody business...but I don't and I usually just say with a smile yes they are and laugh!!

Imagine if D had of been with us ;) hahahaha

OK vent over..........

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